Celebrating our 10th Anniversary Season!

June 11, 2014



4/17/15 @ 7:30 PM Town Hall (Upstairs)
4/19/15 @ 2:00 PM Mt. Baker Community Club

Come relax to the cool strains of our country’s premiere jazz string quartet, taking turns with a quartet of our own musicians playing classical tunes that complement the jazz.  Then we’ll combine forces as we play octets by The Beatles, Milhaud, and David Balakrishnan,TIQ’s violinist. Call it Clazzical Music! We’ll also play a two-cello arrangement of Mark Summer’s beloved “Julie-O.”  Turtle Island Quartet: Mateusz Smoczynski, David Balakrishnan, violins, Benjamin von Gutzeit, viola, Mark Summer, cello Simple Measures’ musicians: Jennifer Caine, Maria Sampen violins, Tim Christie, viola, Rajan Krishnaswami, cello

Artists, venues and program details are subject to change.






Hoity-Toity Free

November 9, 2013

It has come to our attention that some people are not aware of the dress code for Simple Measures audiences. It is true that our ad for this concert has folks (well, ok, CELLOS) dressed to the nines. But YOU folks, are NOT cellos! Simple Measures is STRICTLY a come-as-you-are outfit. (No pun intended.) Please don’t dress up. Come, and Have Fun. That’s what we’re about. You can even clap between movements if you feel like it. Tap your foot. Bob your head. Heck, even dance in the aisles! We. Don’t. Care. Yes, because we are: